Monday, 1 December 2014

Here's some shameless self-promotion: a link to my online bookshop. There's probably not something for everyone!

Where Are You? from 2005, a collaboration with world famous photographers Joanna Shaw and Christoph Shaw which won lots of awards and was totally ace.

Back 2 Front from 2007, which didn't win any awards but is still so ace that it was in an exhibition of ace books in America. It features the incredible Huddersfield Glove Watch project. Amazing!

The Most Difficult Thing Ever from 2013, which the mayor of Kirklees said he 'liked' — as did Wilf Lunn from off the telly in the 70s — and that cool man from Liverpool who said it was 'funny'.

Also, I have a few copies of Lost in the Post from 2008 which The Independent newspaper said would be 'A cult classic' — You'll have to ask me for those though; they're not on the website because they're so great.

Anyway, here's the link: West View Study Centre at Big Cartel