Sunday, 12 September 2010

While I was opening the pouch box on Queen's Avenue...

While I was opening the pouch box on Queen's Avenue, an old man at the bus stop commented on my bunch of keys. “You’ve plenty of keys there” he said.

I was delivering to the Baptist Church when a young man in a hooded top started shouting something to me from the other side of the street. I couldn’t hear him because of the traffic so he shouted again. I still couldn’t hear so he shouted a third time. And a fourth. I still couldn’t hear and so he shouted again. I still couldn’t hear. I went to the very edge of my pavement and he to his. He shouted at the top of his voice over the top of the traffic “He only gets holy mail you know!”
“Oh” I said.

Inside the council flats the window cleaner was talking to an elderly woman. She was telling him how she’s not been well. "I've been here, there and everywhere at the hospital...they can’t fathom what it is”.
“Oh dear, there’s always summat in’t there?” said the window cleaner.
The woman went on while I delivered to the other flats on the corridor.
“Now they’re reckoning it might be Parkinson’s disease so I’m going to have to go for tests for that now too".
"Oh dear, there's always summat in't there?" said the window cleaner again.
"Oh but it is painful, in my hands..."
“There’s always summat in’t there?”.
"I can’t even do the washing it's so painful”.
"There's always summat".
“...but I always like to say to myself "there’s always someone worse off isn't there?"
“Oh dear, there’s always summat in’t there. See you next time love”.
The window cleaner followed me out of the building and shouted up to his mate cleaning windows on the first floor, “Jesus-God-Alive! I feel like slitting my wrists when I’ve gone in there! It’s your turn next time!”