Sunday, 10 April 2011

The man drinking White Star Cider on the bench outside the Shine On Hand Car Wash...

The man drinking White Star cider on the bench just down from the Shine On Hand Car Wash (Only One Using Genuine Chamois Leathers) told me to stroke his bow legged bull terrier. He promised it wouldn't bite. I stroked its head and it jumped up at my knee, wagging its tail affectionately. The man laughed and said "Told you".

There are three bunches of flowers tied to the branches of the small tree behind The Mahal (The Only Genuine Charcoal Tandoor (Clay Oven) In Town) They are still in their cellophane packaging with sachets of flower food attached.

A man with a ginger beard was erecting an authentic looking teepee in unbleached canvas on the grass at the bottom of the flats. Two other men in their thirties were staging a fight with cudgels and large viking looking shields. A small group of spectators lined the railings: a teenage couple in tracksuits smoking cigarettes and a man in his late twenties in a baseball cap, tracksuit and a bandana. He was sipping beer from a can and fondling his genitals.

The woman who answered the door after the third knock struggled to sign for her parcel whilst holding a veil over her face at the same time. She was wearing England slippers with a cross of St George motif.