Friday 4 September 2020

Post Round Portrait Number 2

I took a photograph on the hour, every hour and captioned it with the first thing that was said to me after having done so.

7am: Who's making Harmesh swear now?

8am: To be honest the mechanic shouldn't be parked there, should he?

9am: Eagle's just given me thirteen chuck-outs. That's an hour more work he's just given me, the dozy bastard.

10am: The numbering's funny round here. I think it's the end one, right round the back. If it's not that one, it's the one next door. It's definitely one of those two anyway.

11am: Can you just leave them on the bench, I'll be out for them shortly.

12 noon: Sweet, mate.

1pm: Oh hello, what's this then?

2pm: Just leave it with her. She'll not say owt and I'll not say owt so... It'll be right.