Monday 7 September 2020

Post Round Portrait Number 4

I took a photograph on the hour every hour and captioned it with the first thing that was said to me after having done so.

7am: Just to spoil your day even more, it's raining.

8am: Are you John today?

9am: Mrs Mason at the flats gave me this on Saturday, "Ooh, can you take me this? I can't get to the post office". By the time I got done the post office was shut! I've had to take it home with me and now I'm gonna have to call at the post office on my way out.

10am: Morning! Load of crap? Thank you, love.

11am: What? Him next door? No, he's a nutter.

12 noon: You're a brave soul in just your shirt sleeves.

1pm: Thank you very much.

2pm: Just leave it on the doorstep, I'll pick it up in a minute.