Wednesday 23 September 2020

Post Round Portrait Number 6

I took a photograph on the hour every hour and captioned it with the first thing that was said to me after having done so.

7am: I’m getting like you, Kev. I’m taking photos out on delivery. I’m taking photos of random shoes and stuff. I took one of a shoe on a wall yesterday, I’ll show it you in a bit.

8am: Yes, the lift is still not working.

9am: I don’t know, do I? I don’t know what the hell’s going on.

10am: Hiya. Thanks. See you.

11am: Cheers. Thank you very much. See you.

12 noon: Hiya, how are you? Everything all right?

1pm: Got owt for here? Give it here if you like, if I can get this glove off, it’s wet through now.

2pm: A'right, pal?